Message made plain…

Hello my loves!! I hope all is going spectacular for you… Just a little something I want to share. Okay. So today I was feeling some kind of way about where I am in my life. Not sad, but certainly not happy. Very confused overall but still making it… I had been praying all day… ALL DAY!! Lol. But I picked up my “I Declare” book and opened it to Day 10 where Pastor Joel Osteen is declaring how God will accelereate his plan for your life if you trust him. And how God has blessings that will allow you to get things done faster than before and blessings that will thrust you years ahead. So of course, I was like OMG! Thats exactly what I needed to hear… this book is seriously always on time yall. Well, I guess God wanted to make it even more clear… While I was working the overnight shift at work a young man stumbled in half tipsy and mentioned in his rambling that he was from Atlanta and I said “I use to live in Atlanta” and of course that led to a why I was there which was because “Im an aspiring actress and I moved there to explore some of the film opportunities…” I just need yall to know this boy told me nearly word for word what I had read earlier (in his own, very tipsy way!) He was very adamant about me not getting discouraged and how where I am right now is temporary and how since Im speaking positive things they are sure to come. Ummm WHAT?! I just smiled ear to ear and when the young man finally went to bed said “Okay God, Im listening.” If you are praying about something be available to get an answer from God through the most unlikely person!! He will use whomever he sees fit to get you the message and he will make it plain for you. Sometimes its so easy to get discouraged to the point that you dont even want to pick up your Bible and read but God will bring the message to you if need be. I hope this reaches you when you need it most… Muah!!

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