It’s Arithmetic…

Okay! Sooo… this will be one of those tough love posts. : )

I work in hospitality so Im constantly meeting new people. The other day I had some guests check in… a pretty large family. They seemed unhappy but I thought “maybe they’re tired.” So I saw this same family later MINUS one individual(this person will be referred to as “The Negative”) but i noticed a difference in them. They were all laughing, smiling, and happy. So I said “okay well, good every body is happy…” The next night a young boy stormed into the hotel… tears running down his face. And not long after The Negative came strolling in with the same frown on her face she had when she checked in… I’ve seen this family over the course of three days and EVERY time she is ADDED to the equation the results come out NEGATIVE or sad, or angry. Even when she is alone she is visibly angry or upset about SOMETHING. Now im not judging anyone’s journey because ive got my own to worry about. But for the sake of growing and excelling to better people, let’s start to take note of how people are around us and how we are by ourselves. Chances are if everyone has an issue around you, and every one has the same or similiar issues then YOU are the PROBLEM! You are the COMMON DENOMINATOR and the issue is you! Dont be too proud to change … we dont have time for that! We are all human and once the issue is corrected, mistakes dont count because ultimately everything will lead to a lesson. Also, if you notice that someone you are around is always bringing you down with negativity or finding some way to kill the vibe- let them know! If you are real friends they will appreciate you getting them in check. Its time to act our ages! Lets be mature about the situation and use our lessons to make sure that we are the POSITIVE in the equation. “It’s Arithmetic!”

Good day folks…

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