Mission focused!!

About a month ago the Super Bowl was held here in New Orleans and I became mildly obsessed with looking at different brochures, etc on trafficking because (obviously) the trafficking numbers would increase majorly with all of the traffic in the city. I became so caught up in getting the numbers right and coming up with the perfect post(s) to outline everything that I was seemingly overwhelmed(?) and discouraged myself in fear that I would get something wrong! I didnt do one post about it eventhough a simple “Stop Trafficking” may have sufficed. I just want to say never allow yourself to completely throw a mission out of fear of making a mistake. Stay focused on what the mission is and go for it in any way you know how… it doesnt have to be in school book form or the way this or that person does it. With most things God gives me an urgency, a serious urgency to get things done when the time is right. So, Im just going to trust that a month later is the perfect time to say that trafficking has got to stop! Regardless of the angle it is viewed at, it is wrong! Its slavery and if it were us (which it could easliy be) we would want to get the word out. Im going to post small post just like this one in hopes that the right people will see it and we can form a team to end it but, I will also, one day post the kind of post im dreaming about… facts, figures, city, state, and all that jazz. Its gonna be fancy… trust me. Until then… lets just stay mission focused and do whatever it takes to “STOP TRAFFICKING!!” 

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