If you coming, come on!!

If you coming, come on!!

Im usually not the type to be afraid to go… I have more of an issue with being still! However, I saw this and I was inspired to write a post about how we ask God for things in general and arent prepared for him to answer in his own timing AND in his own way. I can recall hearing on so many occasions when im frustrated and impatient that God works in his own timing but, we fail to realize it works both ways! You may pray for something and God may answer your prayers but you may not see the fulfillment for YEARS… What we need to realize is that he may also answer tomorrow!!!! Are you really ready? God knows you. In and Out. Up and Down. Waaaay better than you know yourself. He knows your hearts desires. If there is something you want to do or something you want to be pray about it, ask God for guidance, just make sure youre ready for the fulfillment to go HOWEVER God wants it to. Whether its a year, 10 years, or tomorrow. New York, France, or Fort Worth, Tx!! God is ready, just make sure you are. Faith will ALWAYS beat fear…

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