Ending the year on this note…

As I’ve said many times before, this year was a little rough for me… but no doubt the best year of my life yet! I accomplished SO many of the things I’ve always wanted to and thanks to God, more AMAZING things are to come! (I can just feel it!!) I’m gonna end my year with the same faith that’s carried me over bridges I wanted to jump or turn back on. I’m a winner!! And regardless of where I’m at or what I’m doing in 2013 WINNING will always be the goal! And just like the song says… “Inspire of calamity, God STILL HAS A PLAN FOR ME! And its working for my good… So glad I made it!…” Regardless of what we go through in the days, weeks, months ahead lets remember that God truly has our best interest in mind! And rough times are ALLOWED by him to make us stronger… get what’s yours in 2013! I’m getting mine and I’m being greedy!! Lol. (Where you at Hubby?! I’m saying tho… like, Im looking for you… lol.) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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