I’d rather have YOU!!

Material Things cannot replace YOU!! If you are having a difficult time coping with anything from addiction to managing time between work get to the root of the issue (i.e. restoration, better time management) because the gifts often provided to keep yourself from feeling guilty will not suffice!! Im very well acquainted with this issue because once again, both of my parents were on drugs. As a kid I was able to participate in every school trip, any extra curricular activities I wanted to (which was pretty much everything) and I always had money so on the outside looking in it didnt seem I was missing anything. But I was… I can see how in the mind of an addict or even someone who may not have all the time they need to spend with their kids/family “things” could make you feel less guilty about the lack of YOU but its not the same. Thank God I was blessed with 2 MUCH older sisters and the best brother-in-law ever so they picked up a lot of the slack (shot out to Deitra, Kevin, and Shonda- MUAH! Lol) but in that moment I wanted my mommy and daddy! Manage your time better, work on your addiction, and BE THERE- present… in the room mentally and physically, not constantly taking phone calls, etc… and the difference will show. Allow the extra curricular activites and trips, etc but dont EVER think that those things will replace you. I can think of a million times in my life when my family was getting on my nerves but i realize how much those moments made us closer and helped us to learn more about the people we truly are… SO, the “I’ll just be in the way,” or “I’ll just be getting on their nerves” excuse is DEAD! All moments ultimately count towards relationship building.

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