I know whose throwing them : )



Today is my Grandmothers birthday!! She would have been 94(?) but she passed away earlier this year… I miss her SO much and I think about her all the time. I just wanted to post a song that I felt like she would know… I’ve looked and looked but when I came across “Pennies from Heaven” by Billie Holiday I HAD to post it!! First of all, Billie is my girl! I love her music and her raspy but crisp voice. Listening to this I couldn’t help but let my mind wander and imagine my Grandmother dressed in something I would wear and call vintage today. A dress perhaps?! Yes, the most elegant long black sparkly dress EVER, black gloves, a fur over her right shoulder, and of course, Red lips!  I couldn’t help but imagine her listening to this at a jazz club in 1936 with a big smile on her face.  (Fashion was so classy back then- and I’m obsessed in case you haven’t noticed) I want to celebrate the long life she lived and I just feel good about this song. I always pass up pennies when I see them… well now I guess I know where they’re coming from. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY! I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!! MUAH!!

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