Its tough, I know…

One thing I have learned from being around drug addiction so long is that some of the most lovable, smart, outgoing, and caring people are affected by this illness! One thing we have to understand is that we will be lied to, manipulated, and hurt many times… and no, its not fair! But we have to remember that it is the addiction and not necessarily the the person. They still love us and probably feel really guilty about the pain they’ve caused. Show some tough love, but remember, under all that addiction is a parent or sibling or loved one that is dealing with all of life’s issues and the issue of having an addiction. It may be tough some times (omg! I KNOW!) but we have to figure out a healthy balance and support them getting clean and not being ready to jump a bridge ourselves! They have an addiction but they are still human. They still hurt. They still love. They cry. It will be rough!! It will! But we have to quit giving up on our families and allowing addiction to keep them! Call me stingy but I want mines back! It may not always be easy… but we have to figure out what works for our situation and go that route. Support them in rough times, call them and offer encouragement when they think you will fuss! Show them you care but don’t allow yourself to be drove insane! We don’t need two crazies walking around! : ) Balance is key on the tightrope… MUAH! GOOD DAY FOLKS…

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