A Prayer for Sandyhook…

I know by now you all have heard about the tragedy that happened three days ago leaving the state of Connecticut and the entire nation in a state of mourning. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire city of Newtown, Sandyhook Elementary School, and everyone affected by this horrible, HORRIBLE tragedy.

God please be a very present help in this time of need. Give these parents the comfort and love that only you can. Let them know that you are there with them, you never left, and will never leave. God, help them see that no matter how difficult things may be at times ALL
things work together for the GOOD of those that love the Lord. ALL THINGS! Bless the young minds that were there to witness this horror and God, bless our schools! Be a safety net… be a keeper… be a comforter. There aren’t enough words for me to express what is needed… but God, I know you are more aware of those things than I could ever be. Let your will be done … and give us the strength and patience to trust you with all of us. Our hearts, minds, souls, schools, malls, our everything! You’re big enough to handle it all! I LOVE YOU! Amen.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer for Sandyhook…

  1. I’m sure someone needed to read this! Thank you, for publicly asking for those things many of us don’t know how or are afraid to ask God for! xoxo


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