traf-fic [traf-ik] noun, verb, traf-ficked, traf-fick-ing

3. the transportation of goods for the purpose of trade, by sea, land, or air…

Okay guys, the thing is anything can be trafficked. Taken from one place to another in exchange for money or other goods. I mean these days anything from weapons to drugs to wildlife to HUMANS are trafficked. Now, dont get me wrong all of this is illegal but my problem is that humans are being considered as products! PRODUCTS! Everday people are being sold into this business (against their own will) to be used in the illegal sex trafficking business or for the illegal use of labor in drug labs and even for labor in something as commonly seen as construction businesses. They are not payed for the services they are being forced to give, beaten if they object or complain of being tired or hungry, and again, this is against their will. Modern day slavery is what it is. (Sigh) I cant explain how much this frustrates me… its mind blowing that things like this are still happening on a VERY major level these days ALL over the world! The purpose of this post is just to break down exactly what trafficking is and to show how broad this issue really is. PLEASE stay tuned for future posts highlighting trafficking, different organizations helping with the issue, and some of the communities it has affected most AND how large the business has become in a few places you would never guess! DONT SLEEP ON THIS ISSUE YALL! I promise its happening somewhere very near your own community and YES this could be you!

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