What goes in… WILL come out!!

So, this is more about the way your mind digests things rather than your body. This post is for the people, the REAL people, who realize that they are not perfect and are moving toward eliminating the things in their life that dont add positivity. The best way to do this is to sit sown and do a self assessment. Are there things you are currently doing that dont necessarily take away from your character but dont add anything either? Hmm… Examples… Okay, examples are things like cursing, being impatient, easily angered, un-tactful, etc. Any of these things being a part of the person you are may not hurt you but there is NOTHING to gain WITH them. If these things are included in some of what you would like to change about yourself then you should probably access the things you are constantly listening to, watching, and surrounding yourself with. If you feel like waking up, rolling over and turning on music with lots of cursing, violence, and anger is partially the reason why you project those things through out your day then stop listening to those things or listen less. If you feel like cuddling up in your warm cozy bed and hearing/seeing women throw chairs and bottles at each other before you close your eyes at night is partially the reason youre waking up angry and ready to fight because of the smallest things… watch something else before bed. Are you still reading “See Spot Run” and wondering why you cant communicate on a deeper level? Well, donate that book and purchase something with wisdom on the subject of your choice. What goes in, WILL come out! My Pastor (Dr. Douglas E. Brown, Great Commission Baptist Church) has done a sermon called “No more Enfamil” before. He talked about how we need to put our milk down and chew on something more meaty spiritually. Nothing is wrong with a 2minute prayer but as you grow and become closer to God there should be more to talk about. There is no problem with making mistakes but as your relationship with God grows you shouldnt want to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over. I want some food! No more milk for Jamie. Like I said, this is for the people that are ready for growth. If you want to argue with me about how being easliy angered isnt stunting your growth- youre not ready. If you want to argue with me about why fighting all the time is okay-youre not ready. If youre wanting to see a change in yourself, there will be things you do that you will have to change. At your own pace, begin to replace the things that dont add to who you are. Different music, different TV shows, different books, different friends. You will see a diffence in the person you are.You will! Have you ever seen a magic towel? They start off folded into cute little shapes and when you add water they grow and change and take the form of a towel AND can be used for their true purpose. WE are the same… so cute and nice to just look at in the shape we are. But, when water is added growth takes place and we can be used for out purpose. Water yourself… blossom and take your true form. MUAH!!

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