I will not sacrifice my journey for YOU!!

Okay yall listen… Make up your mind what you want to do with your life. The career you want. How you will allow God to use you for his glory. AND GO FOR IT!! Regardless of how big it may seem- DO NOT LOOK BACK!! You may be around people that are constantly being negative and down playing the things you want to do because of the misery they have in their own life but you DO NOT have to become your surroundings!! It may be some of the people you feel should be closest to you (parents, siblings, friends, etc) but keep moving!! Do what you have to do to get to a better situation. If they want to be negative about it or dont understand do worry about it… Your journey is YOURS! Everybody aint ready to go! Put yourself in a better atmosphere for YOU and YOUR well being! God made it clear to me a LONG time ago that my dreams will come true and im sorry but im not willing to sacrifice doing the things that will get me there for a fight or an argument or any negativity! You will get dismissed! Im on a wave of CONSTANT growth in ALL areas of my life and im not going to satisfy the devil by getting derailed because of small problems that appear larger in the heat of the moment. Be ready for the trials and test because they will definitely come! Dont get blinded by the negativity yall! There is something more. There is something better. There is something bigger! Im on my way to get it… You coming?

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