Feature page of the week: Trafficking


Human Trafficking is considered the worlds second largest organized crime.

An estimated 2 million Women and Children are SOLD every year and the profits for human trafficking businesses are as high as 32 billion annually with sex trafficking being an estimated 19 billion of that.

Everyday girls as young as 3 are being forced in to sex trafficking. Being forced to have sex with 20 to 30 men a day, being denied food, and beaten or tortured because of any complaints… Its slavery. And its happening all over the world and right here under our noses in America. Something has to be done. Its so sad to know that because of MONEY these type of things are still happening these days. Its disgusting to know that people are SELLING their own kids and family into trafficking. Its disheartning to know that people are being looked at as a product for sell. People are being snatched and thrown into this lifestyle everyday in every community (YOURS TOO!) and that doesnt sit well with me. Just the audacity of someone to think they could put a price on me! Oh no sir… we have a problem. The posts I will make on this blog will shine a light on this issue and break down in detail exactly what it is and why its unacceptable. Im also going to highlight some of the great organizations helping with this and some of the people who are literally risking their lives everyday to help others. Im joining the movement… and I can only hope that you will too! “I’m goin in…”

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