I can! I will! I am!

Here are some random but VERY helpful notes I took the other night while watching Joel Osteen. I love him and his AMAZING ministry. This was right on time for a few situations and people I know and I hope it helps you as well. Hugs and love, JB

You may not see a way but God still has a way. It may seem impossible but God can do the impossible! Just bcus you don’t see things happening doesn’t mean they aren’t. Put a watch over your mouth! Zip it! Don’t get negative especially in difficult times. If you cant speak positive don’t speak! Don’t give your negative thoughts life and they will die off! Don’t invite problems in! Send out new invitations… invite victory! Invite growth! Invite success! Change the thought process to a victorious thought process! I can! I will! I am! Thank you in advance God!! You’ve gotta call the things that are not as if they are! You may not feel blessed but speak it and blessings will follow! You are more than a conquer.

I told you… Random but helpful! Be careful what you are speaking into existence! Sometimes you’ve gotta say I’m a winner even when it seems like you’re losing everything! Its not always going to be pretty and perfect or even ideal… but that’s when you release your faith and push through! Keep going! Push harder! Be patient and trust Gods timing! It may be hard to see but we gon make it y’all … were winners!

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