PINK House is a New Orleans based personal development academy for girls that will empower them to lead, cultivate and nurture our society tomorrow through powerful enrichment programs today. The mission of PINK House is to provide Young Ladies ages 15-18 with an atmosphere that gives exposure, promotes self appreciation, social responsibility, effective communication and leadership towards the mental and social development necessary to excel in today’s society.

So… all of that was taken directly from the PINK House website because I have SO much to say about this program that I WOULD BE HERE ALL DAY!! : ) Seriously, this program is exactly what is needed for so many of our youth… its whats needed for our future!! As I’ve mentioned before, many of the problems in our society today come from simply not knowing any other way to do things. Well… this program is provding the perfect atmosphere and tools for young ladies to excel regardless of the everyday circumstances they may face I know theses ladies personally and I promise the program is Heaven sent! Please go to for more information and please support. Be apart of the Victory!!!!

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