Destiny’s Child

“Say my name, say my name… if no one is around you say baby I love you if you ain’t running game…” Okay, okay! I’m sorry for singing AGAIN!! Lol.

It turns out I’m not even talking about the R&B group anyway… last night I woke up out of my sleep thinking about how I LOVE to travel. And I’m one of those people who likes to wander aimlessly because I get to see everything and add/enjoy new experiences and the road always leads back around right? Well, I just want to point out how much life differs from my traveling tactics. If you’re constantly making the decisions to ignore your Destiny because you want to go down roads that you know you shouldt be on (i.e. hanging out with the wrong crowd, picking back up on old things/habits/ people from the past that do NOTHING for your overall Destiny, etc.) you are causing your life to make a screeching halt! And for what?! Fun? For people who if they really loved/cared about your OVERALL Destiny they would wonder why its always on hold when they are in the picture? C’mon yall… this isnt the pretty stuff! This is the type of Motivation i’m talking about! The tough loving kind that says “enough is enough!” Destiny has enough “finger prints on it” (as Kim Burrell once said) from us constantly picking it up and putting it back down for the wrong things. God is able to make the road you are on lead back into the right one but thats only after you make a decision that youre ready. You think youre happy now? Well wait until you get in the right areas with the right people… You’ll see a new definition of happiness! A REAL definition. Dont get so caught up on pit stops that you sacrifice the overall trip. Destiny is waiting on you… dont get left!

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