The BEST yet!

Hello my loves!!

                       My Birthday was last Tuesday, August 11  and I can honestly say that

this Birthday was the best one yet!

 Every year I find myself so stressed out trying to make sure I’m having a good time… And most of the time I find myself trying to do lots of things that normally wouldn’t interest me out of fear that I won’t make my day big enough. And you already know I want to make sure everything is perfect… Hair, the dress (of course), shoes, place to eat, blah blah blah. I end up so overwhelmed and stressed out or busy that I don’t get the chance to enjoy myself.

This year I just threw all of that out the window and did my own thing.

I decided that I would spend my birthday feeding the less fortunate in New Orleans and I am so happy I did. Sharing the little I have with people who don’t have anything has always made me happy and that is why I came up with my nonprofit, the Now & Later Effect, but there was something about doing it on my birthday that just made my day so special.

    image               Here we are! Celebrating my day…

We fed nearly 50 people and gave them cold water and freeze pops… It’s so hot this Summer! They were all so appreciative and all wished me a Happy Birthday… It was perfect but my day didn’t end there…


Because it was Tuesday and apparently, Tuesdays were made for Tacos, I went to Rum House and had Caribbean Food!! It wasn’t a new thing , nothing fancy but I think the casualness of it helped me to relax and just enjoy the fact that I am alive to celebrate my day and though my life may not be perfect or even ideal, it sure wasn’t what I’d visited earlier in the day. And I did not wear a dress… No heels. I wear dresses everyday but opted for my cut off Ralph Lauren shorts to BE POSITIVE I didn’t even almost teeter into making it such a big deal in my head that it ruined my day.

Gratitude will get you a looooong way folks. Love what you have and enjoy it before you stress yourself out to get something else… You might not even like it! Go above and beyond to ensure that you enjoy your days… Our minds are powerful! And the minute we indulge a little in our thinking our minds will run with it. Protect your sanity. And DO YOU! So many people will think I’m crazy for giving to others on MY DAY but who cares?! That’s what makes ME happy.

Enjoy your day! Remove anything that hinders your happy… You deserve it!

Prayer and the City

This picture confirmed my feelings on friendship. At a time in my life when my friendship with Karayan was seemingly falling to pieces, I looked at this picture and though I was hurt, angry, sad, devastated, (I COULDNT STAND HER!) etc…something inside jumped.


I knew I’d been right about what friendship could be… I saw the ANSWER I’d known for so long in action. Someone pouring their all into prayer on their friend’s behalf. It is embedded in my head and heart. God gave us a few trials but I am thankful for them because it caused us to include him more and more and we are on the fast track to THIS!

Please Join us tomorrow night at 8pm for “Prayer and the City” Candid talk, laughs, and prayer regarding our friendships and life in general. Call 712.775.7031 code 628.709.289. We’re so excited!!

Fresh Kids Dream Big


Here’s the heart throb in my life!

Everywhere we go people are completely consumed with how handsome he is and we are constanly getting compliments on his clothes. So, of course, this couldn’t be ignored too much longer. I have been pretty absent with fashion posts for a while (I promise I’ll explain) and I’ve decided that since I absolutely LOVE kids to post Fashion posts with children! I’m so excited! All of you have to do is tag your pictures #FreshKidsDreamBIG and I will select a few to post on the site. Please include where the items were purchased.

Here are the details on this look…


Shirt- Old Navy (I’m totally guessing)

Shorts- H&M

Shoes- Nike

It’s quite simple! Be on the look out for more Fresh Kids…

Join Us!


“We are best friends not because we always want to be but because we’ve recognized that

our friendship is about something bigger than us!”


My best friend and I have been through it and back and we are sharing parts of our friendship testimony and hoping to inspire some of you that no matter how bad things can get sometimes, if your friendship is one of those things put together by God, there is nothing that can separate it. Join us! Were hoping to hear from you during this laid back call where we will talk, laugh, pray, strengthen our friendships, and hopefully build new ones.

The kick off is next Thursday, August 13th at 8pm.

Don’t forget to bring your friends! We cant wait to talk to you…


“Officer, officer…”

Hello! I hope things are well for you… I’m good.

I think I mentioned in one of my past posts that SO much has changed in my life this year and over the next few posts we’ll discuss that more. In a nutshell though, I’ve learned so much this year. Mostly about MYSELF! I’ve lost some and gained some. One of the things I’ve gained is my Godson. He’s been with me since February and I’m pretty positive that I’ve learned just as much from him as he has from me… It’s been an adjustment but he has truly been a blessing to me.


Here he is! His name is Dre and he’s my baby!


He’s nearly obsessed with “officers” and the other day while we were in the Nike store he pointed and said “Officer, officer!” He is usually excited but this night he was noticeably nervous… I said “It’s okay Dre, this is an officer. He’s here to protect you, you don’t have to be afraid.” As the words left my lips and I heard what I’d said I thought “Wow! I wish that was true…” I heard myself begin to pray over his life and felt myself almost panick at the thought of not properly preparing him for the world we live in.

I’ve seen it on the news and read articles but, Wow! What a reality check. We are still living in times where we can’t even be sure on how to feel about the people who are meant to protect us.

What should we teach the youth?

What should we ourselves do?

Where is the line drawn in learning and teaching to comply and going through life afraid?

I don’t have all of the answers but I think one of the important things is that I’m looking for them. When things happen that make us uncomfortable with reality it is up to us to do something about it. Instead of sitting with the issue and complaining about how bad it is let’s stay solution minded. It’s a scary thing to think about our reality sometimes but just think about if it never changes… think about what something like this will escalate to if not fixed properly.

 What’s your take?


Pieces of Me

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

This past Saturday I spoke with nearly 40 girls ages 12-18 about using whatever life hands you for your benefit. “Pieces of Me.” It went well, felt great to share my experiences, and was very well received! Thanks for all of the support and kind words…

I appreciate it so much!



Thanks Maiya and Darrilyn for sharing your Fly Girls with me!

Next up is Pine Street in Ft Worth. It’s the first rehab center my parents went to almost 20 years ago! God is good! I’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then immediately after heading to New Orleans… Stay tuned for New Orleans and Atlanta dates… I’ll be sharing them soon!


We coming!

Flashback Friday: Little Jamie


Here she is! The sweetest little girl ever…

There is a running joke in my family that she, the sweetest, most considerate, shy, little angel is gone! Lol. In exchange for a sassy, outspoken, HIPPIE girl! Lol. Oh the joys of growing up right? Well, contrary to what they think, there is still SOME Little Jamie inside of me.

One of the things I appreciate most about kids is that the believe that anything is possible!

Looking back at old pictures of myself I just remember all of the dreams and burning desires I had and still have. Little Jamie provides inspiration for me to not give up on my dreams no matter what the situation looks like. Kids have the ability to keep their attention on the goal seeing past everything they may have to go through to obtain it…

That childlike faith is exactly what I’m holding on to.

Next time you find yourself doubting your dreams and goals because of what the situation looks like think about what a kid version of yourself would say.

Gotta keep moving!!


Great News!!

Hey guys!! If you follow me on any Social Media outlets you’ve already seen my announcement about the upcoming   “Pieces of Me Tour” I’m doing. I’m so excited!

Tour FlyerI’ll be speaking about my life and how different experiences I’ve had ultimately have made me who i am. It’s something ive known I was supposed to be doing for a while now and I’m not sitting on it anymore! I’ll be in a city near you soon so be on a look out for the dates. Muah!

Also… now is a good time to hit that like button on Facebook or Follow on Instagram. I usually get information posted there so much more quickly… Love ya

Take some, Leave some…

Hey Hun!… Yes, You! I miss you!!

I haven’t written in a while and let me tell ya, A lot has happened! A lot has changed!… It’s June now. 6 months came, went, and LIFE has taken over. Some of the things (like, EVERYTHING!) that I had planned for this year have changed completely. God is still in control, though. And some of the things that I was SO confused about just even a month ago make so much more sense in hindsight. It’s all coming together… He’s good like that!

One of the things that I’ve discovered lately is that sometimes people will look at your situation and the solution to your situation through glasses covered in either what they’ve experienced or what they wish they’d experienced and not always what is best for you. Most of my readers are followers but I’ll clarify just for the sake of a few new friends… I’m a faith driven person. When making most of my decisions I go with what I know God wants me to do. It doesn’t require logic all the time… Actually, in most cases it’s required faith. I heard myself say in frustration the other day “You do whats easy, what makes the most sense and call it faith… that’s not faith” I’ll try not to go too hard on this but y’all know faith is my thing! Lol. Faith is confidence or being certain of something that isn’t in reach… Something you cant see or touch or feel but you KNOW is there. You know it will be attained. The situations that I have been in have required me to see things ONLY with faith.

The purpose of this post isn’t to explain faith because I’ve already done that a million times on this blog. Lol. I want to inspire you and to encourage you to dig deeper and take advice from people but use discernment on what to take and leave. Sometimes people want whats best for you SO much but they may not have the same dreams and vision for your life that you have. They may not understand it… They may not understand the sacrifices that you are willing to make to attain the things you’ve always wanted and that’s okay! But in order to make it you will have to make up your mind what you REALLY want.. Nothing is too big. After you decide what you want don’t stop until you get it… You may have to cry, start over, FEEL like you’re going backwards, etc… but it’s all apart of a bigger plan. You’ll have to be crazy enough to dare your self and take a leap of faith even when you’re afraid!  JUMP! Don’t think about the possibility of some of your plans not fully working out and looking like a fool… half of us are looking crazy anyway! Just know that every failure will equip you for a success. Look at your set backs like a sling… something HAS to be pulled back in order for forward movement. I know some of you must be thinking “the nerve of her to be giving her two cents on “how to move forward” or “how to be successful” when she isn’t” but what can I say, I have just that much faith. I already see myself as I will be. I know its working! I can feel it! I know God is doing something RIGHT NOW that I cant see… I know it! I can feel it! So yes, I sure am giving my two cents… If you don’t get it,  you probably need to get some faith. It closes every gap.

Good Night… Muah, jnb

Coming Soon!!



Hey my loves! Thanks for coming through… I’m working hard to revamp my blog with hot new looks and some pretty amazing posts. It’s a little unorganized around here right now but you’re welcome to stay and look at some of my past posts…  and don’t forget to stop back by to see the new and improved! MUAH… Love ya