Sober Saturday Anyone?

Its been a lil minute since I posted anything for Sober Saturday… But its also been a while since I’ve received any submissions. What do you guys think? Should I continue Sober Saturday here on the blog? Is this something that will inspire enough for someone to change? Let me know… I’ll be on Facebook and Instagram today ( and @jamiedreamsbig) so yall let me know. And of course, If YOU would like to share your story then email me at

If you've been restored dont keep it to yourself

If you’ve been restored dont keep it to yourself

You’re Invited!!

Hello my loves!! The next run for my non profit (still working out the kinks but I’m claiming it) the Now & Later Effect is November 1st in New Orleans, LA. I NEED YOU!! If you’d like to donate or volunteer please email me at

Please share this video as much as possible and let’s make this really big! MUAH!

Bee Behavior

Hello My Loves!! How are you? I’m fine… I’m sure you’re wondering what this post could possibly be about after reading the title. Lol. It’s okay… I’ll let you in on what “Bee Behavior” is or at least what it is pertaining to this post.

Okay so, the other day I was sitting somewhere looking out the window. I began to hear something tapping the window and quickly noticed that this something came with a buzz… It was a Bee.  I watched this Bee work himself (Yeah, it was a boy. Lol.) silly trying to get outside through the closed window. I mean… for a good 5 minutes this Bee was unstoppable!! He eventually drained himself so low that he sat on the window seal and gave up. I wanted to help him but I just got my first Bee sting a few weeks ago  and I ain’t trying to get another… But, something inside of me wanted him to find a way out.

I know this seems silly to some of you but my mind took off…


I began to think about how we as humans sometimes have “Bee Behavior”… I’ve been there before; Stuck in the same place or situation trying the SAME thing over and over and over until eventually I’m  so drained that I give up. Sometimes we see exactly where we want or even NEED to be and when we make up our minds that we will get it a certain way, that (and ONLY that) is how we go about trying to attain that thing or goal.

You have to be willing to switch up your tactics and plans sometimes or you’ll sacrifice the dream because of the journey. This doesn’t mean that sometimes you wont have to be diligent and consistently keep reaching and trying and doing whatever you can to attain something’s… It just simply means that if you’ve been working towards something that you haven’t quite gotten yet, you need to assess the something about the situation. If you’re studying and you’ve always used a highlighter for memory and you realize that is no longer working- make some flash cards. It’s okay to mix it up a little… Pass the test! Even in relationships people like to switch it up- going different places, trying different things… Don’t be afraid to MIX IT UP!! Be creative.

You are NOT a Bee!!

Fall Poll

Fall is among us!! I’m ready to get back into doing OOTD’s and How To videos… So tell me, What is your favorite fall accessory?



Dream Wedding Day with Loverly

Hello my loves!!

 I’ve got a wonderful new post for you. Okay- first things first… Have you ever visited Well if you’re engaged to be married or an avid Wedding Day dreamer like myself you will absolutely LOVE it!! The website has everything you will need for your wedding day including invitations, decor, Wedding dresses, shoes, real life Wedding pics for inspiration, and even some everyday items. I had the pleasure of putting together a few looks to go with 3 different settings that will be posted one by one over the next few days. First up is…



Nature is the perfect back drop! Combine with soft, pretty colors, flowing fabrics, and  the gracefulness that every bride has on her wedding day to make it truly unforgettable. This look is all about simplicity, style, and class…

Rustic chic wedding

 Is Rustic Chic your style? Stay tuned for two more Dream Wedding Day looks and let me know what you think of this one.

     Details on this look are listed below

Rustic chic wedding by msjamieberry featuring Pelle Moda

All items were found on Go check em out…


Sober Saturday: Keep Climbing

Hello my loves!!

HAPPY SOBER SATURDAY! (It’s been a while… It feels so good saying that)

Today I want to encourage you. I want to very quickly talk about what happens after you’ve kicked your addiction. You did it! You had your last drink, lit your last pipe, or shot up for the last time. You’re on a high but this one is self induced… So many people (including YOU) never thought you’d make it to this point and you have. (God is so perfect!) Naturally you want to celebrate a little and honey, I’m right there with you. I want to encourage you today though… Don’t stop there!! Keep climbing…




So often after the addiction is gone the habits inherited BECAUSE of addiction stay. The manipulation, lies, guilt trips, victim mentality, and complacent attitudes will continue to live inside of you unless you do something to remove them. At this point you’ve climbed majority of the staircase and in order to live a life fulfilled you’ve gotta keep climbing. The people, jobs, etc you lost because of your addiction won’t automatically come back if the addiction is gone but you are the same person. We’ve got to constantly examine ourselves to see what we can improve. And don’t think you’ll live this clean, boring life for the rest if your life either. Find some good, clean fun!  You may be older than you were and feel like you wasted so much of your time while you were in your addiction but there is still plenty life in you and SO much to do, see, and experience. Go explore, join a support group, inspire someone, SEND IN A SOBER SATURDAY STORY! Lol.  Do something new… Whatever it is, keep climbing. It won’t always be easy… But ending your addiction wasn’t either and you’ve done it! You’re stronger than you think. Keep climbing!!




Hey my babies!!! I miss y’all…

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on the blog, YouTube, or the Facebook page. I’ve been battling something that took so much of my confidence in myself, confidence in my knowledge, and it almost stripped me if me. I’ve been affected by it physically, mentally, spiritually, and EVERY way I could think to say… Even now I’m fighting!

With the loss of confidence and drive and encouragement I just haven’t had it in me to post anything… But from the ashes I rise!! I’ve never been one to just roll over and accept defeat so I’ve chosen to get up and fight back. I have new weapons too!! I’ve learned a lot about myself, my relationships, my EVERYTHING, and God over the past two months and I’m so excited that I’m back and I’m stronger. Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for some great posts to come. There may be a few changes to the blog because I’ve changed… But they will enhance the jamiedreamsbig experience. MUAH! I love yoooou!

I’m doing so good I can’t stand it!


Hello my loves!! I want to very quickly send some inspiration your way…

Back when I worked at the bank there was an absolutely adorable old (OLD) man that would come into the back pretty regularly. I believe it was more out of routine than anything and more than likely considered an outing for the day… We’d greet him and ask him how he was doing and his reply was “I’m doing so good I can’t stand it!” Lol.

So cute huh?!

It was then that I first realized that our days/lives are what we make them! Surely at his age he’d been through some things and maybe wasn’t in the best health… He made a decision to enjoy life anyway! And THAT is exactly what we have to do. Sure, things will go wrong. Life has it’s unexpected hills, valleys, twists, and turns… But you are alive… You still have life and that’s a lot more than some people can say!

Decide right now that you’re going to have a day SO good that you just cannot stand it! 


Sober Saturday: Progress Report

Hello!! I hope you’re all doing well today…

I started thinking about today’s post a few days ago while I was on a Facebook. It felt like I had stepped into a time machine seeing some of the same types of childish posts and pictures from the same people. Now, like I’ve said before, it’s not my place to judge anyone or their progress but it did make me think about my own and how important it is for us to check ourselves AND hold the people in our circle accountable. This is about growth!

Throughout school we’d get reports on the progress we’d made over a certain period of time… I’ve never studied education so I’m not positive how the process actually goes. I’m guessing that after putting together a curriculum for the year realistic goals are set for how much know leg or growth should be seen by a certain period of time. It may be different for each class or each student, etc… But a way to track progress is set. And then of course, you receive your progress report every six weeks or so to let you know “You’re doing great, keep it up” or “You gotta step it up… Here’s what you need to do to reach the next level.” In my home sometimes there would be a reward if things were REALLY good and some sort of consequence if not.

It’s got to be that same way in our lives y’all.

We have to set realistic goals for ourselves, do what it takes to reach them, and ever so often do a progress check on where we’re at and what we need to do to reach the next level. Everyone has their own pace and they are ultimately the only ones that know what is really going on in their lives but we also need to surround ourselves with people that will hold us accountable and not allow us to cheat ourselves out of the life we deserve. Be honest with yourself… If you know you’ve had 10 drinks instead of your 1 drink limit do what it takes to rectify the situation before it spirals out of control. You might not be able to stay as long as you normally do and it doesn’t matter that your friend from college can drink 20 drinks before feeling a buzz… That’s them! And this is about you checking yourself!! If you know the game room you normally go to socialize and just get out of the house has turned into the place you are now going to gamble when you’re stressed, FIX IT! Set goals, write to do lists, and include things like “where I want to be in 5 years,” etc… You may not reach that exact goal but your work towards SOMETHING could possibly get you everything you’ve always needed that you never even knew you wanted.

I go through my old notes, emails, work every once in a while (yes, I’m a pack rat) and I may not be where I thought I would be at this age but I’m SO glad I’m no where near where I used to be. My language, outlook, relationship with God, and relationship with my friend and family has changed drastically and these are the things that really matter. Sometimes it may take you looking back and going to some of the places you used to hang to see how far you’ve come. You’ll remember yourself doing things you would NEVER do today and if you are still into some of the same bad things it’ll be your opportunity to change that behavior.



Hello My loves!!

We are all well into the week and If you’re like me, sometimes you are SO over going through the motions of life just to LIVE, and pay bills, and eat, etc… Well, PLEASE understand that none of this is in vain and you have to be willing to be “used” wherever you are.

Although I can VERY easily get discouraged sometimes (because ALL of my dreams are SO big!) My personal experience with this is a pretty cool one…

I’ve been working in hospitality for the last few years because I LOVE customer service jobs but every once in a while I not only get fed up with “my job”,  but really the fact that I’m not where I thought I would be at this age in my career. (Yeah, I’ve always had dreams bigger than life)With all of that being said, I’m not the type of person to come to work and do a horrible job because of my lack of satisfaction with how I think my life is supposed to play out as opposed to how God says it will. So, one night I was at work and something that NEVER happens happend. One of our guests truck was stolen. WHAT?! Yes, a whole truck. I felt so bad and so helpless for the guest because no matter how good my customer service skills are, there was nothing I could do in this situation. Im a “fixer” and I couldnt fix this… Determined to help, I did what I would do if the guest were my Mom or any of my Sisters and they were in a city they knew nothing about and now, dealing with the fact that their car was stolen. I tried to encourage her and shift her focus from this horrible thing to all of the GOOD possibilities that could come out of it. (A new, better truck, etc)  At the time I was reading “I Declare” by Joel Osteen and I made a copy of a page and wrote a note on it for he and left it and im sure some kind of snack (I love snacks!) for her.

Im a pretty cheesy person so I do things like leave notes and treats often but because of the work I do I CANT always openly let the guests know “I’ll pray about it” or that they should, or that God will surely fix it and has to have a bigger plan in mind. This situation was different… discernment stepped in and I could just feel that it was needed. I was unsure of how it would play out over time but since then I’ve stopped working this particular job regularly. (because my work in theater has picked up SO MUCH) But a few weeks ago SHE CALLED! I just so happen to be the person working that day (insane I KNOW) and I answered… She explained who she was and thanked me for all of the encouragement and said since then she has gotten A new, better truck! The one she actually wanted anyway! She went on to say how she’s gotten her whole family to start the book and that she thinks about the situation and how I tried to turn it around for her. This was exactly what I needed at the time… to hear that basically all of the blogging, and making videos, and time I put into uplifting others wasnt in vain.

Now its no secret that I think pretty highly of myself… I mean, what’s not to love?! Lol. But, I’m not writing this to brag on myself… I want to share how your willingness to be used for good and continue to shine even when you aint feeling it can help someone else. Shine consistently, shine bright, shine when you dont feel like it, shine when you really want to be working on Broadway instead of at a Hotel, SHINE!! You’ll get the desires of your heart and you can encourage others while you are on your journey.

So, yes it’s Thursday and this week may be dragging for you… continue to shine even when you dont feel like it… It may help someone else through something. Be willing to be used where you are and you’ll be blessed with more and more and more.