Pieces of Me

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

This past Saturday I spoke with nearly 40 girls ages 12-18 about using whatever life hands you for your benefit. “Pieces of Me.” It went well, felt great to share my experiences, and was very well received! Thanks for all of the support and kind words…

I appreciate it so much!



Thanks Maiya and Darrilyn for sharing your Fly Girls with me!

Next up is Pine Street in Ft Worth. It’s the first rehab center my parents went to almost 20 years ago! God is good! I’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then immediately after heading to New Orleans… Stay tuned for New Orleans and Atlanta dates… I’ll be sharing them soon!


We coming!

Flashback Friday: Little Jamie


Here she is! The sweetest little girl ever…

There is a running joke in my family that she, the sweetest, most considerate, shy, little angel is gone! Lol. In exchange for a sassy, outspoken, HIPPIE girl! Lol. Oh the joys of growing up right? Well, contrary to what they think, there is still SOME Little Jamie inside of me.

One of the things I appreciate most about kids is that the believe that anything is possible!

Looking back at old pictures of myself I just remember all of the dreams and burning desires I had and still have. Little Jamie provides inspiration for me to not give up on my dreams no matter what the situation looks like. Kids have the ability to keep their attention on the goal seeing past everything they may have to go through to obtain it…

That childlike faith is exactly what I’m holding on to.

Next time you find yourself doubting your dreams and goals because of what the situation looks like think about what a kid version of yourself would say.

Gotta keep moving!!


Great News!!

Hey guys!! If you follow me on any Social Media outlets you’ve already seen my announcement about the upcoming   “Pieces of Me Tour” I’m doing. I’m so excited!

Tour FlyerI’ll be speaking about my life and how different experiences I’ve had ultimately have made me who i am. It’s something ive known I was supposed to be doing for a while now and I’m not sitting on it anymore! I’ll be in a city near you soon so be on a look out for the dates. Muah!

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Take some, Leave some…

Hey Hun!… Yes, You! I miss you!!

I haven’t written in a while and let me tell ya, A lot has happened! A lot has changed!… It’s June now. 6 months came, went, and LIFE has taken over. Some of the things (like, EVERYTHING!) that I had planned for this year have changed completely. God is still in control, though. And some of the things that I was SO confused about just even a month ago make so much more sense in hindsight. It’s all coming together… He’s good like that!

One of the things that I’ve discovered lately is that sometimes people will look at your situation and the solution to your situation through glasses covered in either what they’ve experienced or what they wish they’d experienced and not always what is best for you. Most of my readers are followers but I’ll clarify just for the sake of a few new friends… I’m a faith driven person. When making most of my decisions I go with what I know God wants me to do. It doesn’t require logic all the time… Actually, in most cases it’s required faith. I heard myself say in frustration the other day “You do whats easy, what makes the most sense and call it faith… that’s not faith” I’ll try not to go too hard on this but y’all know faith is my thing! Lol. Faith is confidence or being certain of something that isn’t in reach… Something you cant see or touch or feel but you KNOW is there. You know it will be attained. The situations that I have been in have required me to see things ONLY with faith.

The purpose of this post isn’t to explain faith because I’ve already done that a million times on this blog. Lol. I want to inspire you and to encourage you to dig deeper and take advice from people but use discernment on what to take and leave. Sometimes people want whats best for you SO much but they may not have the same dreams and vision for your life that you have. They may not understand it… They may not understand the sacrifices that you are willing to make to attain the things you’ve always wanted and that’s okay! But in order to make it you will have to make up your mind what you REALLY want.. Nothing is too big. After you decide what you want don’t stop until you get it… You may have to cry, start over, FEEL like you’re going backwards, etc… but it’s all apart of a bigger plan. You’ll have to be crazy enough to dare your self and take a leap of faith even when you’re afraid!  JUMP! Don’t think about the possibility of some of your plans not fully working out and looking like a fool… half of us are looking crazy anyway! Just know that every failure will equip you for a success. Look at your set backs like a sling… something HAS to be pulled back in order for forward movement. I know some of you must be thinking “the nerve of her to be giving her two cents on “how to move forward” or “how to be successful” when she isn’t” but what can I say, I have just that much faith. I already see myself as I will be. I know its working! I can feel it! I know God is doing something RIGHT NOW that I cant see… I know it! I can feel it! So yes, I sure am giving my two cents… If you don’t get it,  you probably need to get some faith. It closes every gap.

Good Night… Muah, jnb

Coming Soon!!



Hey my loves! Thanks for coming through… I’m working hard to revamp my blog with hot new looks and some pretty amazing posts. It’s a little unorganized around here right now but you’re welcome to stay and look at some of my past posts…  and don’t forget to stop back by to see the new and improved jamiedreamsbig.com! MUAH… Love ya

New music obsession… Reality Show

Hey guys!! I’ve missed you… You missed me too? Oh, how sweet!

Okay so, I’ve always loved music. I’ve always loved real artists. Artists that express themselves well and that care more about the artistry in music that what their face looks like while their singing. Nothing’s wrong with being cute but I love expression! With all that being said…. Maaaan. Have you heard Jazmine Sullivan’s new album?! Sheesh! The girl is crazy talented… She has the ability to FEEL every word she wrote like she JUST wrote it. I love it! I’ve been completely obsessed with her new album “Reality Show” and of course I wanted to bring some of her energy here to the blog. I had a difficult time choosing which video or song because I love them ALL so much. I decided to go with the song that I heard first… Before the album was even released. She explains what the song is about and sings it flawlessly! Listen and let her story inspire you!


Her voice and her artistry is so amazing… If you haven’t heard the album…

You sleep. Under a BIG rock! Go listen and go get it!

Fighting Tired

I’m tired guys. Not just physically or mentally, but in every way imaginable. I’m tired of living. And I’m  not that old… But every once in a while I just get tired of being here. So today, while sitting in bed thinking… I realized I had been thinking about my funeral. And what it would be like for me and for others if I we! ren’t here anymore. I realized that I’d thought out all the details… Down to the polish on my nails. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We need to know how we want our funeral services to be… But it is a bad thing that I’d rather not be here so often. Logically speaking, I know that God loves me and I know he knows I love him. I know where I’m going when I die and most of the time I’d rather just go ahead and go. It’s a REAL struggle for me. Am I alone?

Im grateful that God loves me enough to grant me more days here and I’m grateful that he keeps giving me another chance to get it right but it’s exhausting. The fight for freedom from my old ways and things from my past that try to hold me back. It’s exhausting. Being tempted. Trying to be patient. Trying to survive. Trying to get people to see me for me and not for who they THINK I am or should be. It’s tiring.

This is a different kind of post than my usual upbeat post. But I wanted to share my reality and get it all out and hopefully inspire someone. Hopefully someone will see that their not alone. You aren’t. We all have moments and even as I sit here not sure of all the answers I know that the thing that keeps me here is knowing that somewhere somebody needs Jamie. The world needs me in some way. That’s why I’ll keep fighting even when I’m tired way past my limit. Somebody needs you too. There is something in this world that YOU were created for. Something that only YOU can do… Keep fighting through the frustration. Keep fighting through whatever pain from your past that seems to just follow you. Fight. Fight through your mistakes. You’re bigger than them. Fight for you… A happy you.

You’re worth it.

Hey! Listen. There’s help if you need it… Don’t be too proud. We need you.

1800 273 8255

That’s the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Use it if you need to.

Sober Saturday: Deal with It


I saw this the other day and thought “Wow!” It’s one of those simple truths that sounds so profound when you’re in a place of wanting to move forward but can’t figure out what’s holding you back….


Yes, Jamie. Your weaknesses.

Just being completely honest about the situation I can think of times that I’ve done something wrong and I immediately think about or bring up all the good I do. I’ve identified that it is a defense mechanism because I dont want anyone to take anything from me. But the truth is, if I don’t deal with some of my flaws and improve I will be remembered for the bad instead if the good.

The same is true with addiction.

Unfortunately some of the BEST people struggle with addiction.

The greatest musicians, mothers and fathers, husbands or wives, etc have something that just literally drains the good out of them. I believe that is why so many are SO frustrated… Because you know what’s there. You know what’s being neglected and wasted for a terrible habit. If we are not careful to deal with our demons they will conquer us and all the good will be completely wasted.

So deal with the bad so you can enjoy the good!! Live a good life and leave a good legacy. It is definitely  a process but I think as long as we recognize that having some good doesn’t make the bad irrelevant and actually address those issues head on- we’ll be fiiiine!

Deal with it!

Travel: St Louis

Hey my loves! Traveling is something I’ve always loved doing and when I originally came up with the idea for the blog I wanted to include that part of my life. Unfortunately up until now I haven’t. I am still unsure of exactly how this will go but I’m going to just jump in and share a piece of my past weekend with you guys.

So, jamiedreamsbig travel edition first stop: St Louis.


Everyone needs a few car selfies. Right?

Now, I didn’t do a lot in St Louis because the purpose of my trip was really to surprise my sister for her 30th Birthday and she actually lives in Belleville, Illinois. My absolute favorite part of the day is what I’ll be sharing with and and it was… You guessed it!

The St Louis Arch!


It reaches 630 feet in the air!!


It amazing up close and it’s so high that it was impossible to capture the entire monument in one piece so closely.


I was was less than thrilled on the way up in a small tram that looks like the inside of a little spaceship. It took 4 nerve racking minutes to reach the top… I had to eat a snack to calm myself. Lol.

But when we did reach the top, IT. WAS. AMAZING!

image  image  image

There were small windows (16 on each side) that allow you to take a look at the city from a view you’d only otherwise be able to experience by helicopter.

Seeing Busch Stadium, the stadium the St Louis Cardinals play at, was incredible from that high up!

We all know that I’m a geek for anything Historical so I welcomed that aspect of this as well.

Apparently it was built as a Memorial for those who helped and aided with Westward Expansion because of that, there was also a Museum of Westward Expansion. It was full of facts on the expansion and it really covered a lot. We were able to see guns, wagons, tools, coins, and moving exhibits that talked even blinked! It was cool.


Yes, I had to get a selfie with the cow. I’m a Texan!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my first travel post. There will definitely be more and I promise they’ll only get better from here.

What’s your favorite thing about St Louis?

Knowledge for Success

Hey guys! I recently received an email from Bob Clary, the Community Manager at Webucator (An online Training Company) explaining a hot new campaign they are running this month and inviting me to participate. He asked me one question… A question I recently had to ask myself. He wanted to know what I thought the most valuable workplace skill is or the one piece of knowledge that could help you be most successful. Although I immediately knew what my answer would be, it has taken me a while to get this post written. I had to become comfortable with my answer AND putting the answer into words in a way that people would “get it.” I know I’ll have some people visit the site that  don’t usually stop by (Hey y’all!) and I just want to let you know that I’m truly myself when writing. I sometimes use slang and my punctuation isn’t always correct but my heart is in each post and I hope you can feel that. Now, in order for me to answer this I have to tell you a story. It’s a short one so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

I’ve worked in Customer Service my entire working career and I’ve always loved it. I mean anything with customer service… Retail, banking, box offices for theater… Anything that allows me to interact with people really draws me in. Recently I was working in hospitality and though it was something I loved and did extremely well, I grew tired of it. I love working. I love meeting people and inspiring them and knowing that when they go back home they’ll have a piece of me. I was great at referring people to the programs and helping with scores… Even training people! Even until my last day I got great reviews with the guests. And even with all of that I eventually begin to hate going to work. All day I thought about how bad I really just didn’t want to go. It got to a point that I was maxed out on the lack of challenge it had become. I felt I’d stopped growing and not only was my growth stagnant, I began to feel like I was moving backwards. Dragging myself out the door each day to a job I hated and getting there to deal with all of the normal things I’d been dealing with working at a hotel, but with a completely different attitude. My excellent customer service was just okay, the referrals became few and far between, and my patience was SHOT! And that bothered me to no end. I don’t like not being the best y’all! No sir! And this isn’t the first time this has happened. This wasn’t the first time I was in a position that I can do extremely well but wasn’t happy. After a lot of thought and prayer I decided to resign. It was a HARD thing to do but it had to be done.

I had to dig deep and find out what made me click in a good way and that, is the answer to his question.


I don’t know about you but I do a lot better in positions that I feel like are adding to my ultimate purpose in life. Something that you can look back on in a year or two and know that although you weren’t in your dream position, you didn’t waste your time putting your all into something that wouldn’t even teach you the skills necessary to EVER reach that goal. When you’re truly doing what you love doing you will always put more into it. You’ll always sacrifice more and be okay with that sacrifice. It’s amazing how I’ve picked up on clues to what I really love to do too!

Think you can guess it?

I love people. I love helping people and inspiring them, giving them what they need to go on. An even though my job at the hotel didn’t work out it gave me a glimpse into how much I can impact someone’s life in a positive way in a very short amount of time. Thinking back I realize that all of my jobs and even this Blog have given me that same glimpse. They’ve prepared me for this exact moment in my life… The moment that I realize that my purpose is what drives me. And it’s always been there… Giving me clues to what exactly it is and allowing me to realize that I can leave a piece of myself inside of someone’s heart. And allowing me to realize that the love of leaving a piece of myself with someone is what really makes MY heart beat.

So my biggest piece of advice would be to pay attention. Pay attention to the common denominator in the things that interest you at work, home, with friends, etc. Being able to go to work and give it your all knowing that you’re winning too will make you work that much harder. You’ll want to learn more and more when others are okay with the minimum required knowledge. You’ll go in early and leave late without complaint. You’ll be on time, dressed appropriately, with a fun, professional demeanor. You’ll be the PERFECT CANDIDATE! After the week it took me to write this post I still can’t quite put into words how valuable working in your purpose is.  I can’t explain the satisfaction you get from doing what you were created to do and how it’ll make all of the other required skills a breeze for you.

I know this post is probably a lot different from the kind of material that is normally received and I can’t say I’m upset about it. I just hope it helps someone! I want to thank Mr. Bob and Webucator for reaching out to me and giving me an opportunity to share my point of view. Thanks so much. Now, I’ll end the way it began… With a question.

What’s your purpose?